Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cotton Candy Carnival and The Fighting Turquoise

'Cotton Candy Carnival' by Annette de Goeij

What a great piece of art jewelry :)  This beautiful cuff was made by Annette Goeij, a talented artist whom I am lucky enough to call a fellow member of the Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild :)  I adore how the pinks and whites just blend perfectly, creating an elegant , bold, and unique touch.     Why just this morning on facebook I saw another gorgeous piece she has embroidered.  All of her bead work is unique go check out her store on Etsy. Who knows you might just find the perfect piece for you or a loved one.

Well not being able to bead has some advantages. I have more time dedicated to help out the EBEG and more time to dream of future pieces. The new blog is up and running , its looking great,  I am really excited about the upcoming raffle for boro-boro beads... Hmmmm  doesn't that sound interesting !! You can't miss this great beads , great blog,  and great fun.!!

Last but not least I recently was featured on Beader's Showcase.  What a great way to give your day a boost, well mine I mean, lol. This is a nice site to take a look at, I didn't exactly find this on my own, I must thank Sharayah Sheldon, the captain of the EBEG team .
                                             'The Fighting Turquoise' by Shonette


  1. Both you and Annett are very talented artists and cool people to know.

  2. I would recommend Beader's Showcase to artists in all media: lamp work, bead embroidery, wire work etc. Great way to get free exposure and they have some pretty cool discussion forums.

  3. Cotton Candy is a beautiful piece! I love that it's bold and delicate all at once. The Fighting Turquoise is lovely, too. Turquoise happens to be one of my favorite colors.

    I'm glad you're finding fun things to do with your time! The EBEG sounds like a great group of people.

    Take care,

    -- Sarah

  4. Great pieces Shonette! I wanted to tell you that I changed my blog address. From now on if you are looking for me, yo will find me here: