Friday, September 30, 2011

'Shock The Reaper' bead embroidered cuff


Ahhhh, at last I finally came through, no more saying sorry i still didn't finish :), Here she is , a bead embroidered 1 1/2 " cuff , and always a one of akind, I tried this one on my own wrist a size 6, and was pleased to see it fit perfectly, adjustable to fit even larger wrists.  I am pleased to announce my newest piece,  'Shock The Reaper'

Yes, I spelled it wrong in the post title,  after viewing my post again I realized my mistake , no harm done :)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here's about as far as I have gotten , finished the front ( never know when that will change).  The suede back has been glued with a thin application of gorilla glue, then clamped , I used clothes pins and the clamps I received in my Christmas stocking:) 
The front is done in the same fashion, except for making sure the beads are not marred or broken ,etc. I like to let both sides dry over night for maximum bondage. This is not necessary ,just a preference of mine.  Two hours before any bead work applied to the piece would be sufficient :), TIP: when using gorilla glue its not need to be put on thick or for the clamps to be on more than 2/3 hours.
Well here she sit's waiting to be finished, I am using size 8 seed beads for the trim , lemon-lime coloring. One of these days my pic's will speak for themselves, so I hope :)

Latest news, hmmm... lets see, oh I have finally decided to give twitter a try. Haven't got all the tweeting stuff figured out yet but I am working on it:), still need to add my tweet button or whatever they call it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I figured I should share a little about the progress I am having on this cuff , as I said earlier I love the bright colors, but finishing has become a problem. I recently learned I had to share my bead studio with my significant other and had to have half the room rearranged within 3 days, so beading has taken a second place , or maybe even a third.

I did manage to get my entry for the EBW team challenge finished and start on my next cuff, before 'The Announcment'
 As you see I am still embroidering the front, still deciding on all the details and embellishments, and really glad I am through reordering my now super small bead studio , you know the kitchen table and a cabinet full of beads :)
     I am considering naming my new cuff something that has to do with my experience this last week, no names are popping out at me just yet but they will.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

'Inspired by Picasso' October's challenge entry for EBW TEAM

This one of a kind bead embroidered cuff was made for the etsy beadweaver's October challenge 'Inspired by Picasso'.  I chose an oil painting that Pablo Picasso painted in 1937 of Marie-Therese Walter.  I was captivated by the colors he used , so vibrant and full of life , all the reds, oranges, yellows, and blues,  Marie's Eyes seemed to be the only thing without life in this colorful painting.
I was inspired to bring life back into those eyes which seemed so lifeless by using a bright blue for the
I am a proud member of the etsy beadweaver's team, please check out our blog, lots of talented artists :) visit: between the 9th and the15th to vote for your favorite entry.

Monday, September 12, 2011

   Just thought I might brighten up the day by sharing this close up of the cuff I am working on now. It definitely screams out for attention! I embroidered bright green seed beads on black suede , the black seems to really pull out the greens ! They didn't need the help to be noticed ,   so far I am liking the combination of the two.  With any luck I will finish tonight!  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art Show or Not?

Yesterday I spent my time at a local art show, or maybe it was a farmer's market, not to sure. It seemed like a great idea to take along my fiance.  OOPS, I think I forgot to say he had a toothache, well 107 degrees in the hot sun will make you miserable toothache or not ! Then there was the ride  there , in a jeep with no top, normally I would love it, but sometimes its nice to have my hair a little less messy :) , well we made it through the day :), we might or might not do that together again!
    Earlier I posted about the Etsy Beadweaver's Picasso challenge, I decided on this oil painting done by Pablo Picasso, this is a painting of  Marie-Therese Walter done in 1937, the colors attracted me but reading about their relationship interested me ,  I see a very distraught girl in this painting , although the colors are bright and vivid I saw pain in her eyes. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Close Call for Picasso Challenge

It pays to read all of the fine print, or in this case all of the rules! An hour ago I was sitting at my table thinking about taking a picture of my challenge entry with a picasso image, WRONG thing to do.!,  I guess that is a no-no., Well no problem I was to lazy to move from my cozy chair to reach for the camera. Instead I did the right thing! I read up on the challenge just a little more , then checked out the forum , glad I went the extra mile instead of just grabbing the camera :)