Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art Show or Not?

Yesterday I spent my time at a local art show, or maybe it was a farmer's market, not to sure. It seemed like a great idea to take along my fiance.  OOPS, I think I forgot to say he had a toothache, well 107 degrees in the hot sun will make you miserable toothache or not ! Then there was the ride  there , in a jeep with no top, normally I would love it, but sometimes its nice to have my hair a little less messy :) , well we made it through the day :), we might or might not do that together again!
    Earlier I posted about the Etsy Beadweaver's Picasso challenge, I decided on this oil painting done by Pablo Picasso, this is a painting of  Marie-Therese Walter done in 1937, the colors attracted me but reading about their relationship interested me ,  I see a very distraught girl in this painting , although the colors are bright and vivid I saw pain in her eyes. 


  1. Great choice for colors! You will have a very vibrant piece!

  2. A wonderful piece to choose! Now that you have mentioned it, I can see the pain there too. You are very observant!