Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trials of the Sunshine Bangle

Started this beadwoven  herringbone rope , threw in a few 6mm fire polished glass beads among other seed beads all in yellow . Well now I am bored with it , thinking a right-angle-weave net around this bangle might be just what it needs , or maybe some sun rays done in the peyote stitch, oh the ideas are endless....                                          

Okay I must admit, I get bored too easy!! It is now the beginning of August and  haven't finished  'The Sunshine Bangle'.....   So being the person I am , I tore it apart and decided to make something else. My ideas have changed a little bit , or actually alot ! , I still plan on the bright yellow but have decided  to add another color, and change the name a tiny bit.  With just a little luck I can start tonight, would like to have some pic's to post .

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

At Peace

Glad to be back home where I can spend my time beading, I wasn't able to even pack them due to not thinking about anything but my grandmother. I managed to fly home to nebraska to spend four days by her bedside ,  last post I talked about her struggle with Alzheimer's, well at last , she is at peace.