Monday, May 30, 2011

new shop And a great collection of beadwork

I decided to try my hand on artfire as well, couldn't hurt, could it? I chose to use  Shonette for my shop name    I listed my items last night and woke up to find one of my cuffs in a great collection of very talented bead weavers, made my day.  this collectionwas  created by  FeedTheBeadBeast on,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spiral Rope Saturday

At last, finished up this bright green 52" spiral rope variation this weekend. Decided I would add some branch fringe , the colors seemed to work pretty well together, I liked the combination of orange and lime green, who would have thought that!, Happy colors :),  I have been wanting to use the large crystal cut glass beads since last summer,  nice quality :).
Originally this was going to be an early spring necklace, well that didn't happen, oops,  the green reminds me of all those easter baskets I had as a child .  I present  'Easter Grass' ,  I keep telling myself  I am not late,  just a little early:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

swimming tomato plants?

So what do you do in your spare time?, I garden, or so I thought I did!,  my mother has a green thumb, not sure what color mine is , perhaps brown.  Think its time to get back to the beads, I can always bead a tomato plant, maybe a whole garden ....?    okay time for me to be serious again,  still working on  a piece for the june challenge on the EBW team.... maybe I will replant , what do you think?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

inspired by a hat ?

ran across this used cowboy hat and noticed that the brim on one side was cut off. well that sparked my interest, I noticed the felt was in perfect condition, what a waste of good material!, thats when it hit me, new series!!, 'The Cowboy Hat' ,  using the felt will be a great way to recycle. Hmmm... what to make first....bead pendant , maybe ring , the ideas are endless!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Helpful or Not?

Does this seem helpful to you?, well its not, cute though, Buger always finds away to get attention, whether its sitting next to my cat or dog, or sneezing or having the hickups, had to take a picture , he's starting his own blog after he learns how to get on the internet!

Finished 'The Fighting Turquoise' bead embroidered cuff....

 1 1/4" bead embroidered cuff  was done in shades of turquoise mainly, added a rainbow affect in purple, yellow,pink, light green, aqua seed beads, along with bugle beads and turquoise stones. I present ' The Fighting Turquoise'
                            Shonette Daniels