Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My beading has come to a much needed stop., as much as I hate to admit it I sometimes am not able to do my beloved bead embroidery due to health issues.  So I will work on getting better before I go jumping into something thats just not physically possible.  Lets hope it doesn't take more than a few weeks, because I already have plans for the EBEG Bead Fest for March, lets hope my plans are back on track by then.
I recently am trying a new med and so far not so good, had my first er trip last night from starting them and can see that another might be necessary, my tongue is swelling up and making it hard to swallow, oh well life will go on and I will survive.

I am still working on my friends cuff , I am liking it more and more.  I have added some bronze/gold triangle seed beads along with more fire polished glass beads. still wondering if I am making it a form fitted cuff or one that will have a clasp of some sort attached to it.  As I said I am at a stand still with beading:(

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friends Cuff

Time for a new bead embroidered project.   I have decided to do a cuff for my friends birthday before I  get to busy with challenge entries.   The truth be known,  I should have started and finished along time ago..... probably last spring ;)   She chose a gorgeous rich dark red size 8 and  a metallic bronze mix size 12 seed beads,  the two work great together.    
I have used a nice thick black suede for the front of the cuff ,   I am not to sure about the backing yet , I am wondering if I want to use the same black suede ,  or  maybe a rich red color?   Thoughts?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

                                  Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild 1st  Bead Fest 

Oh what can I say better than the collage of bead embroidery above! Please take a look at the magnificent art jewelry the EBEG has created:)     The talent speaks for itself!   Thanks  to all of you out there following the progress of these talented bead embroidery artists. I have noticed that this challenge, or rather bead fest is a bit confusing to some ,  I want to say this is not a contest:)  Just a challenge  , basically to challenge our own talents as an artist.      Here's a great treasury of all of the EBEG's WinterWonderland Bead Fest

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's here ! 2012 Happy New Year's! new bead embroidered collar

Happy New Year's !! Welcome 2012!!  I am starting the year off right . I managed to finish and list the bead embroidery collar I made for the  EBEG Bead Fest challenge ;)  The theme chosen, Winter Wonderland.  The entries are all beautiful and creative of course.    I am glad to have joined in the fun , may I present ....
                                                       'Tarnished Angel" by Shonette Daniels


 past posts seem to tell all about this bead embroidered collar , I spent 34 hours on this piece and am rather proud to share it with all of you