Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friends Cuff

Time for a new bead embroidered project.   I have decided to do a cuff for my friends birthday before I  get to busy with challenge entries.   The truth be known,  I should have started and finished along time ago..... probably last spring ;)   She chose a gorgeous rich dark red size 8 and  a metallic bronze mix size 12 seed beads,  the two work great together.    
I have used a nice thick black suede for the front of the cuff ,   I am not to sure about the backing yet , I am wondering if I want to use the same black suede ,  or  maybe a rich red color?   Thoughts?


  1. The color palette is rich, us the process and finished piece. Shonette, right now I like the idea of black also for the back so as to emphasize the bead work, however I would know better when you are finished with the front. So often I've either selected the backing after the beading or change my original intent.

  2. I love the rich colors too! Your friend is going to LOVE it! You sound like me... should have started it earlier. Making special orders are the hardest for me. That was what the last cuff I posted was... a special order. And it tortured me the entire way.

    I personally love black and red together, but I know some people feel it is too valentine's dayish. SO maybe the red background.

    1. These colors will look great together! I think either background will be good.