Monday, September 26, 2011

I figured I should share a little about the progress I am having on this cuff , as I said earlier I love the bright colors, but finishing has become a problem. I recently learned I had to share my bead studio with my significant other and had to have half the room rearranged within 3 days, so beading has taken a second place , or maybe even a third.

I did manage to get my entry for the EBW team challenge finished and start on my next cuff, before 'The Announcment'
 As you see I am still embroidering the front, still deciding on all the details and embellishments, and really glad I am through reordering my now super small bead studio , you know the kitchen table and a cabinet full of beads :)
     I am considering naming my new cuff something that has to do with my experience this last week, no names are popping out at me just yet but they will.

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  1. I really like that bright green with the black background!