Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here's about as far as I have gotten , finished the front ( never know when that will change).  The suede back has been glued with a thin application of gorilla glue, then clamped , I used clothes pins and the clamps I received in my Christmas stocking:) 
The front is done in the same fashion, except for making sure the beads are not marred or broken ,etc. I like to let both sides dry over night for maximum bondage. This is not necessary ,just a preference of mine.  Two hours before any bead work applied to the piece would be sufficient :), TIP: when using gorilla glue its not need to be put on thick or for the clamps to be on more than 2/3 hours.
Well here she sit's waiting to be finished, I am using size 8 seed beads for the trim , lemon-lime coloring. One of these days my pic's will speak for themselves, so I hope :)

Latest news, hmmm... lets see, oh I have finally decided to give twitter a try. Haven't got all the tweeting stuff figured out yet but I am working on it:), still need to add my tweet button or whatever they call it.

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