Wednesday, April 4, 2012

no title today , just wanted to make sure my friends and followers still know I am here!  To make a long,long,long story short I will keep the topic a little less personal .  Many things have happened since my last posting! EBEG 2nd Bead Fest has come and gone, all the entries  were great .  Alot of work went into these gorgeous pieces ,  soon I will have a link to them . But for now you can look at all of them through  just remember to type in EBEG in the search bar provided.  I am struggling a bit to keep my mind off of personal matters , and just do my bead embroidery, take care of my needs, and obligations. 


  1. Shonette,

    Beading has definitely helped me keep my mind off of personal matters. It's been excellent therapy, and I hope it will be for you, too. One thing that really helps me is trying a new technique or taking on an especially large project.

    Take care,

    -- Sarah

  2. Hi Shonette, I hope all is well. Just checking in with you. Are you still heading for CO sometime soon? Hope to meet you in person. Best wishes, whatever the personal matters are, I hope they are turning out good.