Monday, February 13, 2012

Doing Nothing is Hard!

Well today was a pretty easy going day . No beading, cooking, cleaning, laundry, or anything else that involved moving to much . Thankfully the computer doesn't fall in to those categories, I am not to sure I will make a full two weeks of being so lazy or without beading.  In my mind I am beading my best piece of art jewelry to date.  Oh to have such thoughts running through my head, dreaming about it, and what not.   I have decided to dedicate my time to surfing the web and helping out the Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild more .   I have fallen into a leader position which will monitor the EBEG Yahoo Group Site, and more if needed.  I will miss any members no longer with us and wish them well.  Such talented artists.

My Valentine's Day came a day early , nothing wrong with that!, I suppose my fiance thought I deserved it. SSSSHHHHH....  Don't tell him though...  Candy, stuffed animal, card, balloon, I think he did rather well :)

I hope to have more to share in tomorrow's post. Like a  treasury from a great bead embroidery artist.  As time passes by (slowly) I am wondering how long I am going to last without my beads!

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  1. Happy Valentine's day Shonette! Your fiance is spot on to spoil you early! Doing nothing is definitely hard work... it would be so much easier on a tropical beach with a beautiful ocean breeze blowing, right? LOL

    Have a fantastic day!