Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am not one to do alot of cooking when I get up in the morning, I stick with coffee and the quick glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast, its fast , no mess. What more could you want?     What about a simple way to make a bead emrbroidery collar pattern? I decided to give this a try.   I just traced the can on some paper ,

 cut it out and checked to see if it fit correctly , retraced onto the embroidery surface and presto instant collar template,  then I glued a freeform piece of petrified wood as a focal point.  So far so good...

Here is a close up photo of the petrified wood I have chosen, I like to use stones/agates that I personally polish. 

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  1. this is awesome! what a good idea! I will have to try this :)