Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pine trees ? Jasper Stone ?

 I really like this jasper stone , great coloring , all the swirls of green , kind of a marbling affect . I polished this freeform slab  and liked the results ,   as most beaders and rockhounds  I put the beautiful matte finished stone away and didn't think of it for oh lets see....  at least a year.    Then I received a picture from my mother of fresh snow on two pine trees .  She babied these 1 inch trees and planted them nearly 28 years ago,  a gift from her twins in kindergarden...   Now they are at least 15 ' tall, I have enlarged the picture and immediately my brain went into overdrive! The jasper stone! Finally a piece with meaning for my 'entire family'       Such a perfect fit , I can see the stone covered with a light dusting of whites, some light grey , and tipped off in swarovski crystals.
 My only concern is whether to make a wall hanging or a collar,  after the holidays are over I might
get a better perspective on this idea that is cluttering my brain, making it hard to concentrate on the EBEG Bead Fest,  I needed to blog about it to clear my head and put my priorities in line.
       No progress on my 'Tarnished Angel' collar ,  but I did get two batches of fudge made, opened an early Christmas gift, very excited about getting a camera :)  Totally needed it !! Now I need to see if it comes with a personal  photogragher to teach me how to get good photos.  Last but not least I included a picture of my cat Pete, she seems to be quite taken with the Christmas tree. 

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