Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bead Embroidered Pin

I'm still alive and kicking , just not beading as much as I would like too :)   The Novemer challenge for EBW has come and gone with some great challenge pieces to chose from,   here is the  bead embroidered pin I was trying to finish in time,  the spiral rope to this pin I posted about is finished and now that I have no deadline I am working on another rope to add to it,  apparently I am just not satisfied with just one spiral rope . Hopefully two will do the trick ;)  
I really enjoyed the fringe on this piece ,  kinda crazy and all over the place:)
                                   Finished back with brown suede, and of course used fireline throughout.
 I figured I would throw this magified picture in as well, the coloring doesn't quite show up in the detailed photo, weird. I thought thats why we show magnified pics!

I really need to start sharing all the wonderful works from the Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild,  looking on etsy last night I found more than just a few good pieces ,  can't list them all but here's  a couple , go check them out :)


  1. Looks good! And your 1st attempt!! Bravo!!

  2. Shonette, we are in the same boat, I don't have as much time for beading as I would like either. But this brooch is just lovely. Nice color scheme!