Monday, June 6, 2011

I planned on having this necklace done for the etsy beadweaver's june challenge. As you see I failed to make the deadline , sometimes life will throw you a curve ball when your least expecting it.  Starting the challenge I was dead set on getting my voice heard for more awareness for Epilepsy. Things changed when my grandmother with Alzheimers took a turn for the worse,  she has had this terrible disease for more than 15 years,  I can not remember a time when she wasn't there for me as a child, now is my time to be there for her, that said i will be making a trip home to be with family in this time of need., :)

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  1. My father had, and my mother has Alzheimers, so you have my empathy and sympathy. I'm sad about your necklace as well, it was looking great! Wishing you peace. -Marsha