Saturday, April 23, 2011

bead embroidered cuff, bracelet, 'Winter Nights' artist Shonette Daniels

german crystal with white and silver seed beads , this piece is very elegant, would be great for a wedding, very romantic, has a sweet and angelic feel to it.



  1. GAH, Google just ate my comment! >:-(

    Well, what I tried to say was, I really like this one. As much as I love the colour combinations you choose, something about this one that "gets" me...I've always loved the look of silver and gold together. It's hard to tell whether this is actually gold coloured or it's just my monitor playing tricks on me, but I like how this is sparkly without being glitzy. Pretty pattern too--the swirliness (?word? lol) works with the elegant colours.

  2. new at blogging :), the cuff is white/silver toned , the crystal or stars in the piece might be throwing off the gold appearance, I love silver and gold too :)